Motorola XT919 RAZR D3


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zmitchell78's Ulasan

  • zmitchell78 Ulasan Asphalt Nitro APK


    Italy track crashes game.I don't get new cars. It force closes after 12% loaded please fix.I also don't get the cars in the new updates. Awesome

    Aug 25, 2016

  • zmitchell78 Ulasan ASUS Themes – Stylish Themes APK


    More theme please! I love all themes! Very unique of every single one! Please update more theme in time! Thanks ASUS! Awesome

    May 22, 2016

  • zmitchell78 Ulasan Pocket Academy APK


    Decent, but dissapointing Kairosoft, king of the pixelated simulation games. I thought I'd love this title too, but one thing stuck under my skin and annoyed me no end. Why are the teachers never teaching? There seems to be no way to assign them to a classroom, as they just wander aimlessly around the campus grounds, poking their noses into fields and shops but avoiding the one room they should be in most often, the classroom. I'd love to hear the reasoning on this as it's turned a promising game into a regrettable purchase.

    Jul 29, 2015

  • zmitchell78 Ulasan Holograma Projetor Simulator APK


    It works If u thought it was actually going to have a hologram come out of your phone and hover over the screen your stupid

    Sep 26, 2015